1 January
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Ufa International Airport has developed a concept of special services for passengers with disabilities which fully complies with the rules of air transportation of these categories of passengers in accordance with international standards and legal requirements.

Preparing for the trip in advance

Dear passengers! Upon booking and purchasing of an air ticket, please contact us by the following telephone number +7 (917) 435-53-56 about the special services and assistance you will need in the airport and during the flight. The staff of Ufa international airport will be happy to help you and provide a personal meeting and escort after arrival at the airport from the vehicle to the boarding gate. You can also call the staff or request assistance using special intercom devices (call buttons) located in front of the terminals.


Passengers with disabilities can transport their own wheelchairs without any payments. Transportation of personal items is regulated by the relevant rules of the air carrier. You can find the rules for transportation of passengers of this category and their baggage from the leading air carriers that fly to/from Ufa International airport below.


There are 30 parking lots for passengers with disabilities and accompanying persons on the airport’s landside. They are located on the territory which is close to the main entrances to the terminals and are marked with special markings and road signs.

If you have a disability of I or II category, you have the right to use the parking services free of charge. To do this, when leaving the parking, you have to present a document certifying the I or II disability category at the Parking Administration, as well as your parking card which you received at the entrance to the territory.

If you have the III disability category, you can also use parking for passengers with disabilities, but according to the current tariffs.

If for some reason you could not find a suitable parking lot or if you have any other questions, we strongly recommend you to contact the Administration of the Parking Complex by the following phone number: +7 (347) 229-55-76.

Checking-in and Departure

The staff of the Ufa International Airport will accompany you from your coming to the airport right to the departure gate.

Please, remember! For timely and comfortable passing the check-in procedure we recommend to get acquainted with the information about the check-in process. On the internal or domestic flights the check-in is closed 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. On flights in the international directions the check-in is closed 50–60 minutes prior to departure and that’s governed by the air carrier.

The terminals of the Ufa International Airport are equipped with the necessary facilities for the comfortable free access of the passengers with disabilities — the wheelchair ramp, an elevator, an interpretive display, call-buttons are on the right level, phones, the wheelchairs and an ambulatory elevator (a special vehicle with a lifting cabin).

In case of necessity a service of accompanying by a qualified medical employee is provided. For convenience of passengers, who can’t move independently or need medical assistance a possibility of passing customs, passport (for international flights) and security control as well as check-in can be provided at the Medical Point. After passing of these procedures you will be delivered on board of the aircraft in an ambulatory elevator (a special vehicle with a lifting cabin). On that reason we ask you to inform us about your departure in advance by calling one of the following phone number +7 (917) 435-53-56.

You can specify the date and the number of the flight, the name of airline company, describe the nature of your limitations (invalidity), necessary assistance, whether you take your invalid carriage with you (its sizes; whether it is folded or not; if it has an accumulator — what kind of accumulator it is), crutches or a guide dog and give contact information for connecting with you. It will help us to plan our resources in advance and give you recommendations on simplifying the pre-flight procedures in the airport.

Personal services

Services for passengers with reduced mobility are provided by Ufa International Airport and are available free of charge to all passengers who need assistance.

Our special agent will accompany you from the very beginning of your visit to the airport and right on board of your aircraft. The wheelchairs can be provided to you for passing all airport’s procedures as well.

If you travel with your pull-down wheelchair and don’t want to use it during the boarding, please tell the agent at the check-in counter about your decision in advance. After boarding your wheelchair will be sent to the baggage compartment of the aircraft. The staff of the airport will inform the crew about your service.

Passengers with reduced mobility using the electro-wheelchairs can be accompanied by an assisting person, but the electro-wheelchair is permitted by the air carrier to be transported as dangerous goods. We recommend to address directly to your air carrier to study full information about its transportation.

Meeting and accompaniment from the aircraft

By receiving timely information about a passenger with disabilities on board of the arriving flight to the Ufa International airport and in need of a wheelchair, the airport personnel will arrange the passenger’s meeting by using one of the airport’s wheelchairs.

Please remember: for the most comfortable services for passengers with disabilities, as well as according to the services technology, passengers of this category are disembarked from the aircraft in the last turn.

At the passengers request the airport personnel can accompany them to a vehicle or public transport within the landside area of the airport.

Transportation of blind/deaf passengers

When transporting blind/deaf passengers, the air carrier may ask for a relevant document and the presence of an accompanying person. To avoid misunderstandings please clarify this issue in advance when purchasing tickets from the carrier whose services you want to use.

If a blind passenger is accompanied by a guide dog, the dog is allowed to be transported free of charge in the passengers’ cabin of the aircraft in addition to the free baggage allowance, BUT an official document has to be provided about the passenger’s condition and the dog’undergone special training. During the flight the guide dog must be muzzled, seat at the feet of the passenger and be tied to his seat.

At Ufa airport there is a special walking place for guide dogs located to the right of the terminal 2.

If you have additional questions, please contact the airport staff by the following number: +7 (917) 435-53-56 (round the clock).