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JSC Ufa International Airport is implementing a project to develop transfer services.

The aim of this project is to create a wide network of connecting routes via the Ufa airport using attractive through fares and special technology for passenger and baggage services. Through fares are usually lower than the cost of air tickets purchased for certain sections of transportation.

The M2 — Closed fare multilateral agreement includes:

  • JSC Ufa International Airport (the administrator of the project who forms routes and through fares)
  • State unitary enterprise Orenburg region "International airport "Orenburg"
  • Open Joint Stock Company "Angara Airlines"
  • Transport Clearing House (TCH)

Basic terms

Transfer transportation is the transportation of passengers and baggage from the airport of departure to the airport of destination by flights of one or more airlines with an intermediate transfer at the transfer airport (Ufa).

Transfer airport is the airport indicated in the ticket and baggage receipt where the transfer is made as well as the transfer of baggage from the aircraft of one flight to the aircraft of another flight for further travelling along the route.

Transfer baggage is checked baggage carried on the routes of one or more carriers with its reloading from one aircraft to another at the transfer airport.

The main differences between transfer service and regular transfer from one flight to another:

  • no need to re-register for the second flight
  • no need to claim your baggage
  • time saving

Transfer scheme

If the interval between connecting flights is short (from 1 to 4 hours) and there is a through check-in of passenger and baggage, then transfer of passengers from domestic to domestic flights is performed without pre-flight formalities. Passengers are sent to the second floor (Sector A or B of the sterile area) to wait for boarding on a connecting flight (baggage is not required at the transfer airport).

Upon arrival at Ufa airport transfer passengers are met by an employee of the passenger services department, who informs the arrived transfer passengers about the procedure for their further services.

If the interval between flights exceeds 4 hours and there is a through check-in of the passenger and baggage, a choice is offered. You can proceed to the sterile area to wait for a connecting flight, or go out into the city (in this case the passenger will need to undergo a pre-flight inspection on the second floor in Sector A or B). For through check-in baggage claim at the airport is not required.

In the absence of through check-in procedure the passenger receives his baggage in the Arrivals area, then goes to the check-in counter for ticket registration and baggage processing for a connecting flight.

After check-in procedure the passenger is sent to the second floor (Sector A or B) to undergo a pre-flight inspection and passing to the sterile area, where he expects to board the connecting flight.