Baggage storage

For the convenience of passengers Pack&Fly Ltd provides baggage storage services.

Operating hours — 24/7. Contact phone number: +7 (917) 429-46-64.

Payment for storing one piece of baggage per calendar day*: 400 rubles.

Payment for storing one piece of baggage each subsequent calendar day*: 200 rubles.

Penalty charges for loss, damage, or absence of a token: 500 rubles.

* The time period from 00:01 to 24:00 is considered a calendar day. In this case, an incomplete calendar day is considered as full. Payment for storage of baggage is made at the time of delivery of bagage to the storage room.

Storage system: racks.

When depositing your baggage you must carefully read the rules for storing it.

  1. Items in the baggage storage are accepted in any package (suitcase, briefcase, bag, backpack, bundle, basket, etc.) that excludes damage and contamination of other passengers ’(customers’) belongings and storage equipment. The size of the sum of three dimensions should not exceed 203 cm.
  2. The weight of one piece of baggage to be deposited must not exceed 32 kg.
  3. It is forbidden to combine separate packages in one place of Luggage, as well as tie parcels to a suitcase, bag, etc.
  4. Individual items-coats, hats, umbrellas-are accepted for storage and placed in the wardrobe (on hangers).
  5. Fruit, vegetables and other products are accepted for storage only in packaging. The administration is not responsible for their natural damage.
  6. Glass and other fragile items are only accepted for storage in a solid package with the inscription: “Caution fragile”.
  7. Explosive, flammable, toxic and unpleasant-smelling substances, weapons without covers and cartridges are not accepted for storage.
  8. Items not received by the owner within 90 days from the date of acceptance for storage are considered unclaimed and sold in accordance with the established procedure. Opening and sale (destruction) of belongings can be made before the expiration of the established period, if further storage may lead to contamination of the room or damage to other things.
  9. Upon receipt of items from the storage room for temporary usage, the right to further storage is terminated. Re-storage of items is issued again.
  10. If a passenger (client) loses a token, items are issued on the basis of his / her application and upon presentation by the passenger (client) of documents and evidences of ownership of the items.
  11. Delivery of items to passengers with children of pre-school age is made out of turn.

For more information about Pack & Fly services and promotions please visit the website,
as well as call centre phone number 8 (800) 555 52 44 (free call in Russia).