At the Baggage Storage area of Ufa International airport you can find offers of all taxi services in the city and choose the best rate. For your convenience a special service of electronic ordering of taxi cars is provided to passengers and guests of the airport.

Terms of use:

  1. A special area for taxi cars is located on the first line of the forecourt road (30 meters from the terminals). Taxi cars can get access to this area only after the registration of a car and its driver. The registered drivers have a special pass as well.
  2. In Baggage Claim areas specific scoreboards display information about taxi cars located in the special area, and the price of the ride. Thanks to self -ordering you can choose a vehicle that suits you the most. Near the scoreboard there is always an employee to assist in ordering a taxi service.
  3. When ordering, the customer receives a printed voucher for boarding the taxi, indicating the taxi number, color and model of the car, taxi fare, phone numbers of the driver and customer service to resolve any problem.
  4. Ordering a taxi with the help of the scoreboard takes no more than 5 seconds, while the car is on the parking lot near the terminal. By the time the passenger leaves the terminal building, the taxi has to wait in a convenient location on the first line of the forecourt road.

In that way, a taxi ride is safer now and the passenger can be sure that the vehicle and the driver have passed relevant examinations.

The peculiarity of the introduced service is that the airport is not engaged in providing services of a single taxi operator. Only taxi cars that take orders through dispatching services of such companies like Yandex Taxi“, “Leader”, “Saturn”, “Motor Taxi” over the phone, via the Internet, mobile applications, and working independently with the client can participate in this. Passengers get the best prices.

If you do not pre-booked a taxi through the dispatching service or mobile application, for your safety, we recommend NOT to use the services of taxi cars outside the special area!