At Ufa airport you can use the taxi ordering service - Yandex Go.

To order a taxi you need to contact the Yandex Go counters in the baggage claim area or in the general Arrivals area of the Domestic Flights Terminal.

When you contact the taxi ordering counter, you will be asked to sel ect a car class and route, the cost of the trip will also be announced.
You can pay for taxi services either in cash or with bank cards.

If desired, a consultant at the Yandex Go counter can help you to install the service’s mobile application to arrange your trip independently fr om your personal device.

The cost may vary depending on the distance, time of the day and demand for the selected car class.
The car will be delivered directly to the terminal exit.

Please note, that only officially registered cars and service drivers are allowed in this area.

Thus, a trip with Yandex Go is safe for the passenger - you can be sure that the car and the driver have passed the appropriate checks.

We strongly do not recommend using the services of private individuals who unofficially offer passenger transportation in the terminal and at its exits - this may be unsafe.