Personal services

Services for passengers with reduced mobility are provided by Ufa International Airport and are available free of charge to all passengers who need assistance.

Our special agent will accompany you from the very beginning of your visit to the airport and right on board of your aircraft. The wheelchairs can be provided to you for passing all airport’s procedures as well.

If you travel with your pull-down wheelchair and don’t want to use it during the boarding, please tell the agent at the check-in counter about your decision in advance. After boarding your wheelchair will be sent to the baggage compartment of the aircraft. The staff of the airport will inform the crew about your service.

Passengers with reduced mobility using the electro-wheelchairs can be accompanied by an assisting person, but the electro-wheelchair is permitted by the air carrier to be transported as dangerous goods. We recommend to address directly to your air carrier to study full information about its transportation.