Check-in and Departure

The staff of the Ufa International Airport will accompany you from your coming to the airport right to the departure gate.

Please, remember! For timely and comfortable passing the check-in procedure we recommend to get acquainted with the information about the check-in process. On the internal or domestic flights the check-in is closed 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. On flights in the international directions the check-in is closed 50–60 minutes prior to departure and that’s governed by the air carrier.

The terminals of the Ufa International Airport are equipped with the necessary facilities for the comfortable free access of the passengers with disabilities — the wheelchair ramp, an elevator, an interpretive display, call-buttons are on the right level, phones, the wheelchairs and an ambulatory elevator (a special vehicle with a lifting cabin).

In case of necessity a service of accompanying by a qualified medical employee is provided. For convenience of passengers, who can’t move independently or need medical assistance a possibility of passing customs, passport (for international flights) and security control as well as check-in can be provided at the Medical Point. After passing of these procedures you will be delivered on board of the aircraft in an ambulatory elevator (a special vehicle with a lifting cabin). On that reason we ask you to inform us about your departure in advance by calling one of the following phone numbers: +7 (347) 229-15-20, +7 (917) 435-53-56.

You can specify the date and the number of the flight, the name of airline company, describe the nature of your limitations (invalidity), necessary assistance, whether you take your invalid carriage with you (its sizes; whether it is folded or not; if it has an accumulator — what kind of accumulator it is), crutches or a guide dog and give contact information for connecting with you. It will help us to plan our resources in advance and give you recommendations on simplifying the pre-flight procedures in the airport.