Baby Care Rooms, Playrooms

Children are the most welcome guests. This motto is followed at Ufa International Airport while servicing for our small passengers. Feel special attention to kids and their parents from the first minutes arriving at the Terminal: announcements about Baby Care Room’s services, priority boarding for passengers with children.

Cozy baby care room is located in the Check-in area just behind the Shokoladniza café on the first floor of the Terminal 1. In a separate play area there are tables for drawing and games, home theatre with cartoons, a playground. Specially equipped kitchen allows parents alone to warm up food for babies. Also there is a special area here where you can feed, change baby’s clothes and even have some sleep. Mothers-to-be can stay here as well.

The room is for children aged up to seven years of age accompanied by one adult. Children with disabilities can use these services up to age fourteen. Before visiting the room, it is necessary to obtain a medical certificate about health status of your child in the Medical Point of the airport. Staying in the room is totally free of charge if you have an air ticket.

Tel.: +7 (347) 229-56-46 (round the clock)

For passengers with children, whose flight is delayed in the secure zones of the Terminals 1 and 2 operate children’s playrooms. The rooms are equipped with everything that can brighten up a children’s leisure time: bright colorful furniture, toys, drawing boards, TVs. One of the tasks of the staff is to make sure that adults with children don’t miss their flights. To make your waiting even more comfortable in the Departure Lounges there is a direct line which you can use to contact the service of passengers transportation to clarify the status of your flight and the fact of the delay.

Tel .: +7 (347) 229-56-46 (round the clock)