Damaged, lost baggage

Lost baggage

If you do not find your baggage after the baggage was check-out from your flight, contact the airport staff at +7 (347) 229-56-40 and they will tell you which steps to take to proceed further. In most cases the baggage is sent to its owner by the carrier within five days after the Declaration of Non-arrived Baggage was filled in.

If you lost any items at the airport, please also contact the baggage tracing service by the following phone number +7 (347) 229-56-40.

Damaged baggage

If you find any problems with your baggage when you receive it: the baggage is damaged or part of its content is missing, please contact the airport’s personnel at the Lost & Found counter, who will be present at the baggage claim area and explain the procedure for subsequent actions.

A statement about any malfunction of the baggage must be addressed:

  • without leaving the Arrivals area of the airport (if you arrived from abroad);
  • without leaving the Baggage Claim area (if you arrived on a domestic flight).

If these conditions are not met, the decision to draw up the act is made by the carrier airline.

Damage to baggage may be visible or invisible and there may also be damages to the content of the baggage. Only visible damage is compensated to the passenger. If you find any damage to your baggage, you must contact the agent of the Baggage Claim Department (Baggage Claim area) and follow the agent for processing the relevant documents.