Animals and plants

Animals (birds) can be transported as baggage as well.

Animals (birds) can be transported in the cabin of the aircraft with the consent of the carrier.

When transporting animals (birds), the passenger must provide the necessary documents stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, international agreements and the legislation of the country to the territory from or through the territory of which the transportation is carried out.

Animals (birds) when transported by air must be placed in a strong container (cage) that provides all necessary convenience during transportation with air access and a reliable lock. The bottom of the container (cage) must be tight, waterproof and covered with an absorbent material. The container (cage) must prevent spillage of the absorbent material. The bird cage should be covered with a dense light-proof cloth.

The weight of an animal (bird), the weight of a container (cage) and food intended for feeding the animal (bird) is not included in the free baggage allowance and is paid by the passenger in accordance with the fare set by the carrier. A passenger who is visually impaired may be accompanied by a guide dog in agreement with the carrier.

Transportation of a passenger who is visually impaired and accompanied by a guide dog may be performed upon presentation to the carrier of a document confirming the disability of this passenger and a document confirming the special training of the guide dog.

A guide dog accompanying a visually impaired passenger is transported free of charge in excess to the free baggage allowance. The guide dog must have a collar and muzzle and be tied to the seat at the feet of the passenger it is accompanying.

All questions about the import permit for the particular type and breed of animal, as well as the list of documents required for its import, please check with the Consulate of the destination country. To avoid problems with checking in of animals at the airport, find out the conditions of transportation of animals in advance at the airline’s representative office.

You can get additional information by calling directly: veterinary control +7 (962) 522-71-72 and  phytosanitary control +7 (962) 522-71-10.