Online check-in

Check in for your flight even before arriving at the airport: you can do it by using your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Online Check-in starts 24 hours prior to scheduled departure. You can find out about online check-in opening time on airline’s website.

To check in online, please select your carrier from the list displayed, then go to the carrier’s page* and fill in the online check in form. You will be prompted to receive your boarding pass by e-mail or directly to your mobile phone.

You can print your boarding pass out:

  • at the Check-in counter of your flight
  • at the Self-Service Check-in kiosk (for some airlines) - kiosks are located in the check-in area
  • at the Mobile Check-in kiosk- kiosks are installed in the check-in area and at the entrance to Sector A

Attention! Boarding pass is required for boarding the aircraft, so it is necessary to print it out!

* Please note — Checking in takes place at your airline's page.

Ufa International airport is not responsible for any malfunction of the external resources, data transmission errors, for the use of your personal data by the third-party sites. If at the time of online checking in any errors occurred, please contact your airline.